Temple University Hospital Neuro IR Biplane

This project consisted of a 2,200 SF first floor renovation/relocation to create new space within the hospital. This was an expedited construction schedule that totaled only 16 weeks split into 2 phases and kept the hospital at 100% operation.  There were multiple system shutdowns required in various stages in conjunction with the Operating Rooms, the most sensitive areas of the hospital.  This renovation affected the entire first floor and included shutdowns of chilled water, heating hot water, domestic waters, acid drain piping and medical gasses.  The demolition and installation of the replacement unit occurred in one weekend without disruption of air or critical exhaust to any occupants. The HVAC replacement included demolition and replacement of all fan coils and a 42,000 CFM Rooftop Air Handling Unit, replacement of all hot water piping systems including expansion joints, chilled water piping systems, steam and condensate systems, duct distribution systems.  The piping that was run to the new Air Handling Unit consisted of 1,500’ of 6” chilled water, 1,200’ of 5” steam and 1,000’ of 2” steam.  AML was able to provide to the owner with certification of the new plumbing having no contamination.  This also included re-insulation of all pipe and duct systems.

AML, as the prime contractor, was able to coordinate all critical shutdowns and ultimate switchover with other contractors and the Owner seamlessly with no delay in construction schedule.

Due to the nature of the existing space in a healthcare facility, cleanliness was of the utmost importance.  As patient care is everything, Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) processes were followed and monitored closely. This project required CDC guidelines to prevent opportunistic, environmentally related infections in immunocompromised patients. The level required for this was the most stringent of Class IV.  This necessitates the implementation of full particle containment measures, including erection of any enclosures with negative pressure and HEPA Filtration during any renovation.

Temple University Hospital Neuro IR Biplane

  • Owner: Temple University Hospital
  • Project Completion: February 6, 2017

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