Bensalem High School

This project was a complete mechanical systems demolition and renovation of a 430,000 SF active, occupied high school along with a new 22,813 SF addition. The construction project spanned 3 full years, split into 5 workable phases to keep the school functional during the construction process. During each phase, there were multiple system shutdowns necessary to ensure complete operation of the building. AML was a Prime contractor and performed the following HVAC replacement systems work including demolition and replacement of the following: duct systems, exhaust fans, 21 air handlers, 3 custom air handlers, replacement of 150 Fan Coil Units, 2 boilers and installation of 260 new water source geothermal heat pumps to replace the chilled water loop, new ATC systems and installed multiple CRAC units for the IT department.  We also replaced 20,000 linear feet of pipe ranging in size from 12” to ½”.  Along with the replacement pipe, there were 20 expansion joints replaced.  All piping and duct was then re-insulated.   As this was a fully occupied building, there was also temporary heating and cooling for each phase.  Each phase consisted of start-up, testing, balancing and commissioning at the end of each phase which in fact completed on-time.

This is a multi-prime contract on a highly active campus consisting of pedestrian traffic, student drivers, mid-day traffic, before and after school activities and bus traffic.  There was a coordination process including extensive coordination drawings for which we performed as the lead contractor. There was also a commissioning agent on this project, which we worked with extensively at the conclusion of each phase for proper turnover to the owner.

All of AML’s employees were required to obtain and maintain the following background clearances:  child abuse, Pennsylvania State Police, FBI and Arrest/Conviction report (Act 24) prior to working on this project.

This project has been built aiming for LEED Gold standards.  These standards have set the bar for cleanliness, housekeeping, waste management and Indoor Air Quality.  Being this work was done while the building was occupied, completed in phases, and included removing and installing new air handlers, there was an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) management plan that we wrote, and monitored for the duration of the project.  The IAQ plan included, but is not limited to, housekeeping, sealing off of unfinished ductwork and equipment, temporary exhaust, filter replacement, comprehensive documentation and sealing off of completed areas during the construction of the next phase to avoid contamination.  Housekeeping has been maintained on a daily basis and closely monitored by our field superintendent to ensure that there is no construction waste and limited dust and dirt.  All trash and recyclables have been removed from the site and logged/tagged monthly as required by our refuse hauler for the duration of the project to ensure LEED Compliance.  Also as this was a Buy US Steel project, all ST 1-4 reports and mill certifications were maintained and filed throughout the project.

As this was an occupied building, the equipment and staging of equipment and material was monitored and coordinated with the other Prime contractors on the job to ensure timely delivery of the phase to the owner.  Storage was available within the building and maintained in areas that were not seen by those occupying the space.  All material was wrapped to alleviate any contamination prior to install.

Bensalem High School

  • Owner: Bensalem Township School District
  • Project Completion: August 1, 2017

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This project was a complete mechanical systems demolition and renovation of a 430,000 SF active, occupied high school along with a new 22,813 SF addition.

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